CA9 Decides Philip Morris v. King Mountain Tobacco

Here is the opinion from the Ninth Circuit denying that a colorable claim to tribal court jurisdiction existed in this trademark violation issue. And here are the briefs:




2 thoughts on “CA9 Decides Philip Morris v. King Mountain Tobacco

  1. Don 'Duck' Landes July 4, 2009 / 11:04 pm

    I’ve smoked King Mountain loose leaf cigarette tobacco for a few years now and never once did it cross my mind that their photo log of a mountain resembles Philip Morris’ / Marlboro’s clip-art representation of a mountain. I guess now with the courts decission Philip Morris owns all rights to any photo or graphic logo depicting a mountain.

    Looks to me more like big tobacco using their $$ and high dollar lawyers to bully the little guy out of business. And won. Proving once again that if you have enough money you can BUY justice. The court systems in this country are a sad joke.

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