N.Y. Appellate Division Dismisses Contract Counterclaims against Oneida

Here is the opinion in Oneida Indian Nation of N.Y. v. Hunt Construction Group, reversing a trial court order that accepted jurisdiction over four counterclaims against the Nation — Oneida Indian Nation v. Hunt Constr Group

An excerpt:

Plaintiff, the owner of the Turning Stone Casino & Resort, commenced this action seeking damages resulting from the alleged breach by defendant of its construction contract with plaintiff. Plaintiff moved to dismiss the second through fifth counterclaims on the ground that it had waived sovereign immunity only with respect to counterclaims seeking to enforce the terms of the contract and thus that Supreme Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the second through fifth counterclaims. We agree with plaintiff that the court erred in denying those parts of the motion seeking to dismiss the second counterclaim to the extent it alleges the breach of implied warranties; the fourth counterclaim, for quantum meruit and unjust enrichment; and the fifth counterclaim, for an account stated. We therefore modify the order accordingly.

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