Tama County, Iowa Magistrate Vander Mey “Back in the Saddle”

Reinstated to full duties, that is. The judge reversed an earlier order relating to a drunk driving arrest by Meskawki tribal police, but apparently not the order relating a tribal immunity defense in small claims court (see our post here).

Here is the news article.

An excerpt:

In one of the court actions, Vander Mey has now reversed the dismissal of a drunken driving charge he made on May 5.

He has directed Starla Fawn Durnin, rural Tama, to appear before Magistrate Ann Kuhter today (Tuesday, May 24) for an initial appearance on the charge.

Durnin continued to be held in the Tama County Jail in Toledo last Friday on an unrelated probation violation charge and a public intoxication charge filed after Vander Mey threw out the drunken driving charge.

He dismissed the drunken driving charge after Durnin was not brought to court for an initial appearance within 24 hours of her arrest by Meskwaki Nation Tribal Police.