One thought on “Fighting Sioux Proponents Barred from Collecting Signatures at Engelstad

  1. Harold Monteau January 14, 2012 / 5:13 pm

    Shame to see a bunch of Indians playing “hangers around the fort” and licking the boots of those that seek to revive the racist images that were supported by a proven racist benefactor whose name the arena sports. I know many Indian students who suffered at the hands of white students, white citizens of Grand Forks and white fraternities, EVEN if the students didn’t care about he issue one way or the other. This “controversy” was used as an excuse to bully and berate all Native students and just plain old Indian citizens of Grand Forks. If white people saw an Indian on the street they assumed he/she was the enemy. Interestingly, white women were the most vehement. The Indians supporting the revival of Sammy Sioux should go back to the rez and learn who they are, especially if they think that the “Fighting Sioux” represents who they are. How sad, if that’s the case.

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