Additional VAWA Reauthorization Materials

Here is the Administration’s policy statement on the VAWA reauthorization, largely opposition to the House version.

And here is the House Judiciary Committee Report on the H.R. 4970, VAWA Reauthorization (HRPT-112-HR4970cj).  According to the Report, “The justification for why these [tribal] provisions are necessary is also questionable. Proponents of these provisions tout unverifiable statistics about the rate of non-Indian violence against Indian women on Indian land…”

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2 Responses to Additional VAWA Reauthorization Materials

  1. Philip H. Tinker says:

    On pp 59-60, this House Report suggests the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) studies which show a disproportionate number of domestic violence offenders in Indain Country are non-Indian are inaccurate. Of course, it should not matter whether the rate of non-Indian violence against Indian women is 88% or .88%; tribes should have the authority to prosecute everyone who poses a risk to public health and safety on the reservation, regardless of race, citizenship, or cultural heritage. It is unconscionable that federal lawmakers require the tribes to show that rates of non-Indian domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions before they will even consider acting.

    That being said, does anyone know whether these BJS statistics are “questionable” and “unverifiable” as the House report suggests? I think we would all like to know, objectively, what the best data and studies have to say.

  2. txbluebonnet says:

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    Thanks! Keep up the good work and keep us informed! I have some appointments this morning, but will be back online this afternoon.

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