One thought on “News Coverage of Tribal Split in Oregon Sports Mascot Issue

  1. Dave June 1, 2012 / 10:21 am

    Because I am not a citizen or member of a Tribe I don’t think I can really understand this issue completely, I do wonder however, if the use of Tribal imagery and names as school mascots can’t be more beneficial than harmful, if it is done respectfully. Is it not better for non-tribal students to be exposed in some way to a culture and history that might otherwise be invisible to them? Is this representation of th history of Tribal culture an appropriate gateway to understanding the present of Tribal cultures in the United States.

    I can certainly understand the objection to Tribes being treated as historical artifacts. Unlike the Vikings, the Sioux and the Ute Tribes are still existing and developing cultures. I can see how it is offensive to have your culture reduced to, and packaged as, a generic 19th century picture post card. Recognitions of past traditions are important, but without recognition of the present and future of Tribal cultures and government, the picture is inadequate, and can easily become cartoonish.

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