Washington and Oregon Governors Ask for Review of Coal Export Consequences

This week, the governors of Washington and Oregon asked the Obama Administration to review proposed coal export terminals. The Seattle Times article is here and the Huffington Post article is here. The letter linked in the Seattle Times article is here.

An excerpt from the Seattle Times

Western coal producers, saddled with low prices and weak demand in U.S. markets, are eager to send more coal from the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming to Asia. Much of that coal is on federal lands, but some is on tribal, private or state lands.

The proposals include two export terminals in Washington to be in Cherry Point, which is near Bellingham, and in Longview. There are also proposals for terminals in Oregon.

The prospect of using the Pacific Northwest as a launch point for coal exports has triggered intense controversy in both Oregon and Washington.

Seattle Human Rights Commission’s official comments are here. The Commission’s resolution on coal and the impact on Indian tribes is here. (Thanks to C.S.)

Finally, here is a Northwest Public Radio story about the potential effects of the proposed export plans on the Lummi Tribe.

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State of Oregon Warning (and Fight) Against Tribal Payday Lenders

The consumer alert is here.

Story from KATU is here (thanks to J.B.). An excerpt:

This woman’s case – and thousands like it – is now at the center of a   legal battle at the highest levels of the U.S. Government –a story   that’s taken us from Portland, to the halls of Congress, to a dusty town   in Oklahoma – and deep into the pages of one of the murkiest chapters   in America’s history.  Millions of dollars hangs in the balance as the   rights of you, the consumer, are pitted against the rights of all  Native  Americans.

Their treaties with the United States are century-old binding  contracts upheld by numerous court decisions. But the issue of tribal  sovereignty is taking center stage in the fight to stop online loan  sharks.

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