ICT Article on Paul Ryan’s American Indian Outlook


2 thoughts on “ICT Article on Paul Ryan’s American Indian Outlook

  1. Ron Andrade August 16, 2012 / 3:37 pm

    This is at least a balanced review of the Ryan history on Indian affairs. Too many of the pieces written on Ryan have been slanted and that is not good for Indian country. One of the statements made may be the best explanations of what Indian County might face “Unless BIA and other domestic programs aiding Indians were singled out for protection, they would all face this major cut under Ryan’s vision—and many Indian programs are already currently underfunded.” For those that remember, the Indian Health Care Improvement Act was a free standing Act. Indian people then got folded into the Obama health plan. Now we are fighting to keep our programs alive and intact. Yes, Ryan voted against the new Obama health plan but that doens’t necessarily mean he voted against Indian health. This is a part of the problem, Indian people are now being asked to support one side or the other instead of concentrating in protecting our Indian communities.

    Read more:http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/08/16/republican-vp-candidate-paul-ryans-american-indian-outlook-129580 http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/08/16/republican-vp-candidate-paul-ryans-american-indian-outlook-129580#ixzz23jtMVjld

  2. KTownGirl October 17, 2012 / 6:17 pm

    The ICT website will not let me comment on this article so I thought I’d comment here.

    That Paul Ryan might be sympathetic to Native Americans because his wife might have Chickasaw heritage is ridiculous.  In the last four years, Paul Ryan voted against every major Indian legislation pushed by the Obama Administration except the HEARTH Act.  This is a fact (check his record) and despite the ICT story’s claim that a few of the pieces of Indian legislation was part of larger non-Indian legislation with nothing to do with Indian issues is wrong, except for the vote on the permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, which was part of Obamacare.  The Tribal Law and Order Act was attached to H.R. 725, the Indian Arts and Crafts Amendment Act.  Also, H.R. 4783 as signed by the President and which included the Cobell settlement and the four water settlements for seven tribes was NOT part of relief packages for Haiti and Chile.  

    H.R. 4783 as passed the House the first time was a relief package for Haiti and Chili.  See http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-111hr4783eh/pdf/BILLS-111hr4783eh.pdf

    H.R. 4783 as passed by the Senate gutted the relief provisions for Hait and Chili and only included Cobell and the four water settlements. See http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-111hr4783eas/pdf/BILLS-111hr4783eas.pdf

    H.R. 4783 as enacted into law as P.L. 111-291 only included Cobell and the four water settlements.  See http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ291/pdf/PLAW-111publ291.pdf

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