Materials in Douglas Luckerman v. Narrangansett Indian Tribe

Here are the materials in this pending matter over an alleged $1.1 million in attorney fees:

Luckerman Complaint

Narrangansett Motion to Dismiss

Luckerman Opposition/Motion to Remand

Narrangansett Reply + Sachem Affidavit

News coverage here.

3 thoughts on “Materials in Douglas Luckerman v. Narrangansett Indian Tribe

  1. carter August 18, 2013 / 5:53 pm

    after all the b/s the tribe has suffered through in the courts.
    the state of rhode island blatantly overstepped its authority and jurisdiction with regard to the tribes status as a sovern nation when the state “detribalized” the tribe in the 1800’s subsiquently selling off the tribes lands. in recognition of its error the state returned some of the tribes lands to some 300 plus families.
    any and all agreements made with the state particularly the chaffee rider are null and void. the state did not have the authority or jurisdiction to enter into any agreements with the narragansett people, especially an agreement that would restrict the tribe to live under rhode island state law which is in conflict with the tribes freedoms…

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