Sault Tribe Lansing Casino Trust Application Documents


SSM Mandatory Trust Filing Lansing final 20140610

An excerpt:

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Michigan (the “Sault Tribe” or “Tribe”) tenders this submission for a mandatory fee-to-trust acquisition of two parcels of land located in Lansing, Michigan:

(1) The “Corner Parcel,” a 0.43 acre parcel acquired by the Tribe on November 1, 2012, and

(2) The “Showcase Parcel,” a nearby 2.26 acre parcel that the Tribe has committed to acquire under an existing contract of purchase with the City of Lansing, Michigan.

The Tribe has acquired the Corner Parcel and will acquire the Showcase Parcel using interest or other income generated by the Tribe’s Self-Sufficiency Fund, established pursuant to section 108 of the Michigan Indian Land Claims Settlement Act (“MILCSA”), Pub. L. No. 105-143, 111 Stat. 2652 (1997). Under Section 108(f) of MILCSA, “[a]ny lands acquired using amounts from interest or other income of the Self-Sufficiency Fund shall be held in trust by the Secretary for the benefit of the [Sault] Tribe.” 111 Stat. at 2661-2662. The Secretary is thus required to accept the Parcels in trust.

Ex 1 Warranty Deed to Corner Parcel

Ex 2 Title Policy for Corner Parcel

Ex 3 Comprehensive Development Agrmt

Ex 4 Showcase Title Commitment & Proposed Warranty Deed

Ex 5 Legal Description & ALTA Survery for Corner Parcel

Ex 6 Legal Description & ALTA Survery for Showcase Parcel

Ex 7 Location Map

Ex 8 ST Bd Resolution 2012-11Auth Lansing CDA

Ex 9 ST Bd Resolution 2012-223 Auth Closing on Corner Parcel

Ex 10 Affidavit of CFO Connolly – Lansing

Ltr to Rosen w Mandatory Trust Subm 20140610