Western Sky-Related Debt Collector Successfully Compels Arbitration in Virginia Case

Here are the materials in Hayes v. Delbert Services Corp. (E.D. Va.):

26 Delbert Motion

30 Opposition

31 Reply

38 DCT Order

An excerpt:

This matter cornes before the Court on the defendant’s motion [2]  to dismiss the amended complaint or, alternatively, to compel arbitration. (Dk. No. 30.) The plaintiffs, borrowers from internet payday lender Western Sky Financial, LLC, brought this action on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated against Delbert Services Corporation, a third-party debt collecter. The plaintiffs allege Delbert violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) in the course of its collection efforts. Delbert moves to dismiss based on the Loan Agreements’ forum-selection clause or on the basis of the tribal exhaustion doctrine. Alternatively, Delbert moves to compel arbitration. 

The forum-selection clause does not reach third-party debt collectors such as Delbert, and the doctrine of tribal exhaustion does not apply under the facts of this case. The language of the arbitration agreement, however, covers disputes with third-party debt collectors.

Accordingly, the Court GRANTS the motion to compel arbitration under the terms of the Loan Agreement and DISMISSES the claim without prejudice.

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