Pre-Law Summer Institute Assistant Director

The American Indian Law Center, Inc. (AILC)

Assistant PLSI Director | Albuquerque, NM

The Assistant PLSI Director assists in planning and implementing the Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaska Natives and all its programs, including the PLSI Judicial Clerkship Program, Native American Bar Passage Initiative, the Pre-Law Advisors trainings, outreach to tribal colleges and universities and tribal education departments, academic and professional development programs, and clerkship opportunities. This position supports the PLSI Director in maintaining and growing services according to student needs and the AILC’s strategic plan. The position coordinates outreach and promotes services of the PLSI and AILC.

Duties include:
• Provides support to the PLSI Director in all aspects of PLSI and its programs.
• Assists with developing and implementing programs to support Native pre-law and law
students. Works with the Director to coordinate daily operations and activities.
• Builds relationships with alumni, pre-law advisors, law schools, tribal colleges and
universities, tribal education departments, and schools with significant Native American
• Builds relationships with law schools and employers regarding PLSI programs, students,
and alumni. Identifies possible areas for collaboration and partnerships.
• Assists in developing and managing budgets.
• Assists with staffing of faculty, teaching assistants, research assistants, and other
positions necessary for the summer and year-round programs.
• Recruits, trains, and builds relationships with attorney coaches and mentors.
• Coordinates with pre-law programs, Native American bar associations, judicial
organizations, professional organizations, and educational programs on events, projects,
and services for Native American pre-law and law students.
• Plans events including academic and professional trainings. Schedules speakers and
panels. Coordinates travel for staff, students, and professionals.
• Develops print and electronic materials for announcements, programs, CLEs, and
program promotion.
• Assists in grant compliance including collecting and assessing data, drafting reports, and
coordinating with grantors.
• Promotes PLSI and the AILC to the community through public relations, social media,
and advocacy.
• Represents PLSI and AILC at events, career fairs, and conferences.
• Assists with evaluating and developing programs and services according to grants and
AILC goals.
• Conforms with all safety rules and uses all appropriate safety equipment.
• Processes student applications for services, reimbursements, materials, and programs.
• Performs all other related duties, as assigned. Participates on committees and special
projects and seeks additional responsibilities.

Please see the position description for further information.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume by March 18, 2022 to Rodina Cave Parnall, PLSI Director,