Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta Background Materials

Supreme Court Merits Briefs:

Petitioner’s Brief

Respondent’s Brief


Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Petitioner:

Oklahoma DAs and Sheriffs Amicus Brief

Police Chiefs Amicus Brief

Industry Amicus Brief

States Amicus Brief Supporting Oklahoma

Tulsa Amicus Brief

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Respondent:

United States Amicus Brief

Five Tribes Amicus Brief

NCAI Amicus Brief

Former US Attys Amicus Brief

Peace Commission Treaty Tribes Amicus Brief

NIWRC Amicus Brief

Scholars Amicus Brief

Cert stage materials in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta:


Oklahoma DAs Association Amicus Brief.pdf

Oklahoma Environmental Federation Amicus.PDF

Texas Amicus Brief.pdf

Tulsa Amicus Brief.pdf

Castro-Huerta BIO.pdf

Cherokee Nation Amicus Brief.pdf

Chickasaw and Choctaw Amicus.pdf

MCN Amicus Brief.pdf

Oklahoma Cert Reply.pdf

Lower court materials:

OCCA Opinion.pdf

Castro-Huerta Brief on Reservation Disestablishment.pdf

Cherokee Amicus Brief.pdf

State Brief on Concurrent Jurisdiction.pdf

Castro-Huerta Response Brief on Concurrent Jurisdiction.pdf

Oklahoma District Court Opinion.pdf

Castro-Huerta Petition in Error

Castro-Huerta Motion to Issue Mandate

OCCA Order Issuing Mandate

Also, the plea agreement in United States v. Castro-Huerta (N.D. Okla.):