Defamation Defendants’ Counterclaims against Grand Canyon Skywalk Development Dismissed

Here are the updated materials in the case now captioned Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC v Cieslak (D. Nev.):

91 Defendant Motion to File Counterclaims

100 Opposition

102 Reply

113 Magistrate R&R

An excerpt:

Defendants seek to amend their answer to allege a counterclaim against the Plaintiffs. The proposed counterclaim alleges two causes of action: abuse of process and intentional interference with prospective economic relations. Plaintiffs oppose the motion on the grounds that it is untimely, will cause undue prejudice to them and that the proposed counterclaim would be futile because neither cause of action states a legally viable claim for relief.

119 DCT Order Adopting R&R

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Grand Canyon Skywalk Development Defamation Suit Proceeds against PR Firm

Here are the materials in Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC v. Steele (D. Nev.):

17 Scutari & Cieslak Motion to Dismiss

20 Tribal Council Defendants Motion to Dismiss

22 GCSD Response to 17

27 GCSD Response to 20

31 Scutari & Cieslak Reply

32 Tribal Council Defendants Reply

63 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Cesspooch

64 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Tribal Council Defendants

66 DCT Order

Complaint posted here.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Development Corp. Sues Hualapai Officials for Defamation and Other Claims

Here is the complaint in Grand Canyon Skywalk Development Corp. v. Steele (D. Nev.):

GCSD v Steele et al Complaint

An excerpt:

This is an action for defamation, business disparagement, and civil conspiracy. The Defendants have conspired to publish and have in fact published false and intentionally defamatory statements designed to disparage the reputation of Plaintiffs. The statements have resulted in damaging the reputations of GCSD, Jin and Quasula, and substantial damages have been incurred, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Jin and Quasula reside, and where GCSD is headquartered.