Fort Lewis College Buffalo Council Press Release re: Indian Tuition Waiver

June 22, 2010
Contact: Pat Kincaid, Buffalo Council Spokesperson, (970) 903-6333

Fort Lewis College Buffalo Council Protects the Tuition Waiver by requesting Accountability of Trust Assets and promoting an Indian education agenda

Fort Lewis College (FLC) was created by a 1910 Congressional Act with the intent of “fulfilling treaty obligations with the various Tribes.” The state of Colorado received the surface rights to a 6300 acre parcel of land with two conditions (subsequent): 1) the land must be used as an institution of learning, and 2) Native Americans attending the school will receive a tuition waiver.

Currently the land is in violation of condition one and condition two has been attacked as recently as January when Colorado Representative Karen Middleton proposed a bill to kill the tuition waiver at FLC. Just as disturbing, is that the Native American students, who are the beneficiaries of the trust assets on these 6300 acres, are being blamed for budget issues.

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