Washington COA Reconsiders, Holds King Co. Police Must Face Wrongful Death Action in Killing of Muckleshoot Member

Here are the materials in Davis v. King County (Wash. Ct. App.):

79696-6-8-I Appellants’ Motion for Reconsideration

79696-6-8-I Appellees’ Response to Motion for Reconsideration

79696-6-8-I Order-Opinion

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King County Deputies’ Negligence in Muckleshoot Member’s Death Beyond Wash. State Court Review

Here are the materials in Davis v. King County (Wash. Ct. App.):

8-31-20 Opinion

7-25-19 Appellant’s Brief

9-27-19 Amended Appellees’ Joint Response Brief

09-09-19 Appellees’ Joint Response Brief

10-9-19 Appellant’s Reply

An excerpt:

“Before addressing each of the estate’s arguments, we acknowledge that Davis’s death is tragic and echo the trial court’s sentiment that the application of RCW 4.24.420 here is problematic because it precludes claims where law enforcement officers’ actions and training may have been unreasonable, given their knowledge that the individual they were confronting was suicidal and armed. RCW 4.24.420 prevents courts and juries from reaching the issue of whether law enforcement’s negligence resulted in the loss of life. The statute is clear and precludes our evaluation of these policy questions.”