Slate Vault on Andrew Jackson Handbill


n Slate earlier this week, Jillian Keenan argued that we should “kick Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill.” As this “coffin handbill,” distributed during the 1828 election, shows, the seventh president has long inspired such violent dislike.

“He has ever been a man of ‘blood and carnage,’ ” the Philadelphia editor John Binns, who printed and distributed the handbill, writes. In small print, the broadside collected several instances of Jackson’s alleged perfidy, recounting the story of an 1815 execution of six militiamen for desertion during the War of 1812; pointing to the killing of Indian noncombatants during the 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend; and reprinting personal testimony from Sen. Thomas Hart Benton about an altercation he had with Jackson in a Nashville-boarding house.

Voters Reject Fighting Sioux Mascot

From NPR:

Voters in Tuesday’s North Dakota primary were being asked whether to uphold or reject the Legislature’s repeal of a state law requiring the school to use the nickname and American Indian head logo.

The vote sends the matter back to the state’s Board of Higher Education, which is expected to retire the moniker and American Indian head logo.

Coverage here, and here (discussing the NFL in the context of this vote).

New Chairman for Sault Ste. Marie Tribe

From the tribal press release via Soo Today:

2008 general election results

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – The Sault Tribe membership will welcome in a new chairman this year. Darwin (Joe) McCoy successfully defeated incumbent Chairperson Aaron Payment 3,853 to 3,495 to become the fourth chairperson of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

“I am really humbled about how things turned out. I look forward to working with our team members, the new and existing board members, and working for our tribal members. I would also like to thank all my supporters and look forward to bringing the tribe into better times,” stated Chairman-Elect Joe McCoy.