Grand Forks Herald: Drop the “Fighting Sioux” Nickname

From the Herald:

A new deadline probably dooms the UND Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. That’s just as well. It’s been clear for some time that the name and logo couldn’t survive.

The reason is simple enough.

No matter the appeal of the name, the pride in it and the support for it, its use had become corrosive, damaging to the university and the state.

That’s why the Herald has urged dropping the name, sooner than later.

Opponents would never abandon the fight against it, even in the face of demonstrated support among the state’s Sioux people. That became clear in the wake of a vote last month at Spirit Lake.

The board left a small window for supporters of the name and logo. They set an Oct. 1 deadline.

At the same time, they raised the bar. The name can be retained only if the tribes agree to allow its use for at least 30 years.

Meeting these conditions will be so difficult, for so many reasons, that the name and logo appear effectively dead.

* * *