Colorado Law Symposium on Bay Mills Decision

Wenona Singel and I are delighted and honored to speak at Colorado’s symposium on Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community. Thanks to Rick Collins, Sarah Krakoff, Carla Fredericks, Kristen Carpenter, and the rest of the great people at CU.

In honor of the Michigan-centric character if this symposium, it snowed in Boulder.


I am honored to share the stage with Kathryn Tierney, the general counsel for the Bay Mills Indian Community. She is a legend, going back to her work on the LCO treaty rights cases in Wisconsin, the LeBlanc matter in Michigan, and United States v. Michigan. Wenona and I know her from the more calmer days of negotiating the Michigan tax agreements a decade ago.

I’ll be patching together a short talk about lessons we can learn from the decision from the successful strategic moves made by Bay Mills.

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