New Student Scholarship on Medicaid and Indian Tribes

Here is “Medicaid: Can Federal Responsibilities, State Authorities, and Tribal Sovereignty be Reconciled?,” published in the Wyoming Law Review.

An excerpt:

The decisions made by state governments related to Medicaid funding of American Indian and Alaska Native health care is not consistent with either the federal responsibility or the unique government-to-government relationship the Tribes have with the federal government. The United States Supreme Court’s recent decision allowing optional Medicaid expansion for states further emphasizes how state authority in Medicaid implementation decisions impacts federally funded care delivered to American Indians and Alaska Natives. American Indians and Alaska Natives are disproportionally impacted in states not expanding Medicaid.

Ninth Circuit Decides IHS Reimbursement Case — Updated

Here are the materials for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System v. McClellan, decided by the Ninth Circuit.

Here are the materials:

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