Meyers v. Wisconsin Oneida Cert Petition — Another Immunity Case

Here is the petition in Meyers v. Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin:

Cert petition

Questions presented:

1. Whether Congress abrogated the sovereign immunity of an Indian tribe under 15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq., by providing that “any…government” may be liable for damages.
2. Whether an individual who receives a computer generated cash register receipt displaying more than the last five digits of the individual’s credit card number and the card’s expiration date has suffered a concrete injury sufficient to confer standing under Article III of the United States Constitution.

Lower court materials here.

Federal Court Holds Tribes Immune from Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims

Here are the materials in Meyers v. Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin (W.D. Wis.):

14 Oneida Motion to Dismiss

19 Meyer Opposition

20 Oneida Reply

23 DCT Order