Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action v. Granholm – Hearing Tomorrow

The Eastern District of Michigan (Judge Lawson) will hear cross-motions for summary judgment tomorrow in Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action v. Granholm. Here are some of the materials:

Cantrell Motion for Summary Judgment

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Benson on Election Fraud and Prop. 2

Jocelyn Friedrichs Benson (Wayne) has posted “Election Fraud and the Initiative Process: A Study of the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative” on SSRN. The paper is forthcoming in the Fordham Urban Law Journal.

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U-M Minority Admissions Drops Slightly

From AP: “Fewer black and American Indian students are attending the University of Michigan’s main campus this fall in the wake of the passage of an anti-affirmative action ballot proposal.”Total enrollment increased by 1,017 students, or 2.5 percent, to more than 41,000 this fall, a record. But the school said Thursday that black student enrollment dropped 3.3 percent and the number of American Indians decreased 1.2 percent.

“Hispanic student enrollment was up 1 percent, while the number of white students increased 2.1 percent.”

From the Chronicle: “The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor said today it had managed to avoid a steep decline in the number of black, Hispanic, and Native American students in this fall’s entering freshman class, the first to be admitted after Michiganders voted a year ago to amend their state’s Constitution to prohibit public higher-education institutions from considering applicants’ race or ethnicity.

“Officials at the university cautioned, however, that much of this fall’s class was admitted before its admissions office began complying with the ban on affirmative-action preferences, known as Proposal 2, on January 10.

“Theodore Spencer, the university’s associate vice provost and director of undergraduate admissions, said in a statement issued yesterday that “the full impact of Proposal 2 is not reflected in the current year’s enrollment numbers because it took effect midway through the admissions cycle.” The university will “have a more accurate indication of its potential impact in fall 2008,” he said.”