Federal Court Allows Seneca Trespass Action against New York Thruway to Proceed, Allows Interlocutory Appeal

Here are the materials in Seneca Nation v. Cuomo (W.D. N.Y.):

41 Seneca Supplemental Brief

44 New York Supplemental Brief

47 Seneca Supplemental Brief

48 DCT Order

Earlier briefs here.

Case Materials in Seneca Nation v. Andrew Cuomo, et. al. (W.D.N.Y) [New York Thruway Easement]


Doc. 1_Complaint (04.11.18)

Doc. 16 and 16-1_Defs’ Motion to Dismiss (06.05.18)

Doc. 22_Pltf’s Response in Opp to Defs MTD (08.10.18)

23 Reply

29 Magistrate Report


32 Objections

36 Response

37 Reply