Ninth Circuit Briefs in Upper Skagit v. Sauk-Suiattle [U.S. v. Washington subproceeding 20-01]


Sauk-Suiattle Opening Brief

220429 Answer Brief of Appellees Upper Skagit

220429 Answer Brief of Intervenor-PL-Appellee Swinomish

220617 – FINAL Reply (filed)

Sauk-Suiattle fishermen on the Skagit River in 1985. The location was near Mount Vernon, Washington, and it was known as Sauk Camp because of the large number of Sauk-Suiattle boats that were kept there.

Lower court materials here and here.

Materials in Upper Skagit & Sauk-Suiattle U&A Dispute

Here are the materials so far in United States v. Washington (W.D. Wash.), subproceeding 20-01, aka Upper Skagit Indian Tribe v. Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe:

1-1 Upper Skagit Request

2 Motion for TRO

6 Sauk-Suiattle Response to 1

7 Sauk-Suiattle Response to 2

8 DCT Order Granting 1

15 Tulalip Response to 2

20 DCT Order Denying 2

Update (11-12-2020):

22 Motion for Reconsideration

23 Saul-Suiattle Response

24 Upper Skagit MSJ

27 Sauk-Suiattle MTD

28 Sauk-Suiattle Response to 24

29 Swinomish Response to 24

31 Upper Skagit Reply in Support of 24

33 Swinomish Response to 27

34 Upper Skagit Response to 27

35 Sauk-Suiattle Reply in Support of 27

36 DCT Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration