Walking on Common Ground — New Publications on Tribal Courts & PL 280

Promising Strategies: Tribal State Court Relations
Tribal courts and state courts interact across an array of issues, including child welfare, cross jurisdictional enforcement of domestic violence orders of protection, and civil commitments. Since the early 1990s, initiatives by judges’ organizations within both judicial systems have focused on an agenda of greater mutual understanding and cooperative action. This publication spotlights some of the most successful strategies within these initiatives. Click here to read full document.

Promising Strategies: Public Law 280
In PL 280 jurisdictions, the concurrent jurisdiction of state and tribal courts over criminal prosecutions and civil actions arising in Indian Country creates many interactions and complications. Tribal and state authorities encounter one another across an array of issues, including government-to-government recognition, concurrent jurisdiction, cross-jurisdictional enforcement of domestic violence orders of protection, cross-deputization, and civil commitments. Tensions and misunderstandings have been common features of tribal and state policing relations in the past, sometimes erupting in jurisdictional conflicts. This publication highlights unique ways in which tribal and state jurisdictions have entered into collaborations to overcome barriers to effective justice provision. Click here to read full document.

TLIP Launches Enhanced Walking on Common Ground Website

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the enhanced & updated Walking on Common Ground web resource at:  http://www.walkingoncommonground.org/.

We are planning to mirror much of the tribal and state information through the enhanced www.NRC4Tribes.org website that we are developing.

The primary focus of the website is:

  • Identify and develop resources concerning tribal/state court collaboration & promising practices
  • Identify and develop resources concerning Public Law 280 tribal/state court collaboration & promising practices
  • Subject areas include: courts, law enforcement, detention, child welfare, and multi-agency agreements

Features of the website include:

  • Tribal-State agreements by topic
  • Tribal-Federal Collaborations
  • Promising Practices stories and quotes
  • Resources on the TLOA
  • Interactive searchable map of agreements
  • Listing of all federally recognized tribes, tribal websites and counties, by state
  • Jurisdictional information

Upcoming features include:

  • Tribal-State Court Promising Strategies Publication
  • Public Law 280 Promising Strategies Publication
  • Additional tribal-state collaborations in the area of Detention and Child Welfare
  • Additional tribal-federal collaborations

Send us your examples of collaborations to highlight!  Contact Heather Valdez Singleton for more information: heather@tlpi.org;  323-650-5667

This website was funded under the support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, USDOJ.

Judicial Symposium for Michigan-Wisconsin-Minnesota Tribal-State-Federal Judges

The conference is Oct. 12-13, 2010, at the Grand Traverse Resort just outside of Traverse City, Michigan. Come see the colors!!!!

Here is the flyer: Flyer and Agenda.

The speakers include Walter Echo-Hawk, Hon. Korey Wahwassuck, and Hon. David Rausch.

And on the evening of October 11, Walter will be reading from his book at Horizon Books.