Michigan Files Cert Petition in Dispute over BMIC’s Vanderbilt Casino

Here is the petition:

Petition for a Writ of Certiorari MI v BMIC

Better pdf here: Michigan v Bay Mills Cert Petition

Questions Presented:

1. Whether a federal court has jurisdiction to enjoin activity that violates IGRA but takes place outside of Indian lands.

2. Whether tribal sovereign immunity bars a state from suing in federal court to enjoin a tribe from violating IGRA outside Indian lands.

Sixth Circuit materials here.

My earlier views on why this petition isn’t going anywhere are here. I would add now that since Bay Mills, as I understand it, hasn’t re-opened the casino, and since the State filed an amended complaint way back when, there doesn’t seem to be much pressure to grant this particular petition. Also, if this is really an IGRA fight over an allegedly illegal casino, it’s really the federal government’s fight. In fact, NIGC already referred the matter to the federal prosecutors … a while back. Michigan is trumping up an alleged compact violation that might not even exist. There might be a compact violation, or not, but the State in its petition doesn’t even point to which provision in the compact BMIC is violating (maybe they did, but I didn’t see it).

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