Wisconsin Tribes Seek to Enforce Treaty Rights in Night Deer Hunt

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State Motion to Enforce Prohibition on Shining Deer

State Brief in Support of Motion

State Proposed Order

LDF Motion for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction

LDF Preliminary Injunction Memorandum

State Supporting Documents





Lawhern Exhibit A

Lawhern Exhibit B

Lawhern Exhibit C

Lawhern Exhibit D

Lawhern Exhibit E

Lawhern Exhibit F

Lawhern affidavit

Stepp Ex A

Stepp Ex B

Stepp Ex C

Stepp Ex D

Stepp affidavit

Stark Exhibit A

Stark Affidavit

Tribes Supporting Documents

EXH_1_GLIFWC 2010 Report

EXH_2_WI CWD Response Plan

EXH_3_2005 Labor Force Report

EXH_4_2006 WI CWD Report

EXH_5_Second Amendment of Stipulations

EXH_6_Combat Chronic Wasting Disease

EXH_7_State Sharpshooting Effort Effective

EXH_8_Bovine TB Sharpshooters

EXH_9_Chronic Wasting Disease Management in IL

EXH_10_What Illinois Hunters Need to Know

EXH_11_Chronic Wasting Disease Management Strategy

EXH_12_State Evaluating Deer Management Program

EXH_13_Minnesota State Report

EXH_14_Voigt Stipulation First Amendment

EXH_15_Amended Judgment

EXH_16_Joint Motion to Amend Judgment

EXH_17_2011 Wisconsin Act 169

EXH_18_Sharpshooting Suburban White-Tailed Deer Reduces Deer-Vehicle Collisions

EXH_19_Lethal Control of Deer

EXH_20_Park Service to Utilize Sharpshooters

EXH_21_Wisconsin Tribes Struggle to Save Their Brothers

EXH_22_Letter from J. Zorn to C. Stepp 10_12_2012

EXH_23_Choosing the right rifle for wolf hunting

EXH_24_Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Order WM0912E

EXH_25_Commission Order 2012_05

EXH_26_Email from J. Stark to Q. Williams 9_28_2012

EXH_27_Managing White-Tailed Deer

EXH_28_Deer Management within Suburban Areas

EXH_29_Letter from C. Stepp to J. Zorn 10_5_2012

EXH_30_Commission Order 2011_06

EXH_31_LCO v WI 1989

EXH_32_Email from D. Waldera to WI DNR Wardens

EXH_33_History of Wolves

EXH_34_Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center

EXH_35_IHS Fact Sheet

EXH_36_July 24, 2009 NRB Memo CWD Plan

LDF Affidavit of C. McGeshick

LDF Affidavit of F. Maulson

LDF Affidavit of J. Gilbert

LDF Affidavit of J. Zorn

LDF Affidavit of K. Stark

LDF Affidavit of M. Isham Jr.

LDF Affidavit of T. Kroeplin

LDF Affidavit of T. Maulson