Federal Court Hold Turtle Mountain Tribal Court Has Jurisdiction over Indian Claims against Insurance Company

Here are the materials in State Farm Insurance Companies v. Turtle Mountain Fleet Farm LLC (D.N.D.):

25 Greenwoods Motion for Summary J + Tribal Appellate Court Decision

27 State Farm Motion for Summary J

27-1 Tribal Court Complaint

27-3 State Farm Tribal Court Motion to Dismiss

37 Greenwood Response

38 State Farm Response

39 State Farm Reply

42 MJ Order

An excerpt:

In summary, the court concludes that the tribal court does have jurisdiction over the Greenwoods’ claims against State Farm. In reaching this conclusion, the status of the title of the land is not a significant consideration. Rather, the important factors for purposes of this case, given the nature of the activity at issue, are that the insurance policy was issued to members of the Tribe and is for a residence located on the reservation. Consequently, the court would reach the same conclusion if the Greenwoods’ residence was situated on non-Indian owned fee land.