Patchak v. Zinke Background Materials

Here are the merits briefs:

Patchak Merits Brief

Joint Appendix

US Merits Brief

Gun Lake Merits Brief

Patchak Merits Reply

Here are the amicus briefs:

Federal Courts Scholars Brief in Support of Petitioners

Fed. Cts. and Indian Law Scholars in Support of Respondents

Brief Amici Curiae of Wayland Township, et al. in Support of Respondents

Brief for the U.S. House of Representatives as Amicus Curiae Supporting Respondents

Brief Amicus Curiae of National Congress of American Indians in Support of Respondents

Brief Amicus Curiae of Professor Edward A Hartnett in Support of Respondents

Here are the cert stage briefs:

Patchak Cert Petition

Federal Cert Opp

Gun Lake Cert Opp

Patchak Reply

Here are the D.C. Circuit materials:


Patchak Opening Brief

Tribe Response Brief

US Response Brief

Patchak Reply Brief

District court materials:

Patchak v Jewell – Gun Lake Tribe (Judge Leon Opinion)

78 Gun Lake Tribe Motion for Summary J

80-1 Patchak Motion for Summary J

85 US Opposition

86 Gun Lake Tribe Opposition

87 Patchak Opposition to Gun Lake Tribe Motion

88 Gun Lake Tribe Reply

90 Patchak Reply

Legislative materials:

Senate Hearing

House Report

Gun Lake Trust Land Reaffirmation Act