Skagit County GOP Makes Stealth Attack on Tribal Sovereignty

The Skagit County GOP (of Washington State) has again issued a platform calling for serious infringement of tribal sovereignty. This is a less obviously anti-Indian platform than the 2000 version that was eventually passed at the state level, but its effects–having the DOI guarantee representation of non-Indians in tribal governments–would be similar.

Here’s a well-researched bulletin on the subject from Borderlands Research and Education: Bulletin – 2012 Skagit GOP Plank

And the platform itself is located on page 3 of this document: Skagit GOP Platform 2012

Montana Indian Country Voting Rights Case

An anti-tribal group called Citizens Equal Rights Alliance attempted to bring a Section 2 Voting Rights Act claim. This week, the federal district court dismissed this claim. [H/T to Indianz]

The complaint is here.

The State of Montana’s motion to dismiss is here: Motion to Dismiss

CERA’s response is here: Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

Montana’s reply brief is here: Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss

Order Dismissing Action: Order

The ACLU Voting Rights Project attempted to intervene in the action, but the judge dismissed the case before ruling on the motion — Brief in Support of Motion to Intervene.

We at the ILPC are pleased to note that we will be hosting a mini-symposium on the Voting Rights Act in Indian Country next semester. We’ll have Laughlin McDonald of the Voting Rights Project, Ellen Katz of the University of Michigan Law School, and Daniel McCool and Susan Olson of the University of Utah. Profs. McCool and Olson are co-authors of the new book — Native Vote: American Indians, Voting Rights, and the Right to Vote (Cambridge).