New Scholarship on the Burt Lake Burn-Out

Richard Wiles has published “A Bitter Memory: Seeking Maamaw Gwayak (Social Justice) at Burt Lake” in the Michigan Historical Review.

The BURN OUT’S Bitter Memory

Mr. Wiles has also published a two-part article in the Mackinac Journal on northern Michigan Indians:

MacChebHist art-No 1

MAC-ChebHis-part 2-B

Mackinac Journal: “‘A Bitter Memory’ — The Burt Lake Burn-out of 1900”

An important read for anyone in northern Michigan:

A Bitter Memory’ — The Burt Lake Burn-out of 1900

Moreover, it is a fairly direct response to the recent Michigan Historical Review article (here) that essentially argues it was perfectly legal to resort to arson to enforce a foreclosure order. Imagine if that were really true — a bank or a sheriff could simply set alight a foreclosed home, with people inside, in order to enforce a foreclosure order. Obviously not.

Here is an imaged version of article as well, with pics:

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More Federal Recognition: The Burt Lake Band Case

The Burt Lake Band of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians is petitioning for federal recognition. The BIA has proposed to deny their recognition. Last year, the BIA finalized that proposal to deny, but these documents are not online yet.

Documents here:

Notice of Proposed Finding Against — dated April 15, 2004

Documents in Support of the Proposed Finding — dated March 25, 2004

A copy of the bill to recognize the Burt Lake Band via Act of Congress is here.

The Burt Lake Band are the descendants of the people subjected to the “Burt Lake Burnout” near the turn of the century. We’re written about this disaster here.