Mohawk Nations Bring Reservation Boundaries Litigation

Here are the new materials in Canadian St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians v. State of New York (N.D. N.Y.):

768-1 St. Regis Mohawk Motion

769-2 Akwesasne Mohawks Motion

770-1 People of the Longhouse Motion

771-1 US Motion

Federal Court Issues Clarified Order in St. Regis Mohawk Land Claims (Fort Covington Area Claim)

In short, no dice. Here are the updated materials:

St. Regis Mohawk Motion for Clarification

US Motion for Clarification

USDC NDNY Canadian St. Regis v. New York – Corrected & Clarified Memorandum Decision & Order 7-23-2013

Prior order here.

Federal Court Dismisses Most St. Regis Mohawk Land Claims; Hogansburg Triangle Claims Survive

Here is the opinion in the case captioned Canadian St. Regis Band Mohawk Indians v. State of New York (N.D. N.Y.):

DCT Order July 9, 2013

News coverage here.

Magistrate report and recommendation here.

Objections and responses here:

St. Regis Mohawk Opening Brief

Akwesasne Mohawk Opening Brief

United States Opening Brief

Defendants’ Opening Brief

US Response

Canadian St. Regis Mohawk Response

NY Power Authority Response

St. Regis Mohawk Response

State and Municipal Defendants Response

NY Power Authority Reply

St. Regis Mohawk Reply

Canadian St. Regis Mohawk Reply

Municipal Defendants Surreply

NY Power Authority & State Surreply