Indian Health Care Improvement Act Up For Vote in U.S. Senate

Sent to us by Jerilyn Church, Executive Director of the American Indian Health & Family Services of Southeastern MI, Inc.:

Please call your respective United States Senator to ask him or her to vote YES on S. 1200, the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, which according to the Senate Calendar will come up for consideration on Tuesday, January 22. It is especially important for callers to urge their senators to also vote NO on any Urban Indian Health Amendments, which would eliminate funding for urban clinics.

The National Council for Urban Indian Health has disseminated an Urban Indian Health one-pager for callers to use when contacting their Senators.

Hammitte v. Leavitt: Detroit Urban Indians Case Dismissed

The federal district court in Detroit granted the motion to dismiss filed by the United States/Indian Health Service on October 11, 2007.

The opinion is here.

Hammitte v. Leavitt Complaint

United States Motion to Dismiss

Hammitte Response to Motion

United States Reply Brief