Today in History – Improvements in Indian Law

Thirty years ago today (according to this site) Senator Mark Andrews introduced Senate Resolution 127 to make the Select Committee on Indian Affairs a permanent committee.

Today is also Professor Matthew L.M. Fletcher’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Matthew!

ICT Editorial on Cert Pool Memos & Indian Law

You can read my newest Indian Country Today editorial here or here.

Here’s the text:

Each year, the U.S. Supreme Court chooses which appeals it wishes to decide. In most years, the court decides to hear fewer than 80 cases out of several thousand appeals. These usually include cases in which there is a split of authority in lower courts (often called a ”circuit split,” referencing the 13 federal circuit courts of appeals), cases in which a lower court has committed a gross error or cases in which there is a critical constitutional issue at stake. Cases in which there is no split, cases that will affect only a few people, cases involving simple correction of a minor lower court error or cases involving an unimportant issue are unlikely to be heard by the court.

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