National NALSA Press Release on 2015 Alternative Spring Break Program

From here:

I am proud to announce the 2015 Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Program projects that have been selected to receive an award. The National Native American Law Student Association Executive Board has chosen a project from Columbia Law School and the University of Michigan Law School! Columbia Law School will be working with Anishinabe Legal Services on three reservations in northwestern Minnesota to assist indigent program clients with civil needs, including a strong emphasis on domestic violence. Michigan Law School will be travelling to the Navajo Nation to work with DNA Legal Services to gain legal and practical skills, while also learning about Navajo life in Window Rock, Arizona. NNALSA has budgeted $1,000 for this year’s program, and each school will receive an award of $500! NNALSA would also like to recognize all program applicants for the high quality projects that were submitted. Congratulations to this year’s award winners!

In other news, Alex Kitson has made the difficult decision to resign from her duties as the Public Relations Director of NNALSA. On behalf of the Board of NNALSA, I would like to thank Alex for her time and commitment at helping NNALSA achieve its goals by helping to spread the word through numerous media outlets. Alex, you will be missed and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

The Executive Board took a vote and appointed P. Nelson Lambert to the PR Director position.  Nelson entered NNALSA as the Area 5 representative. Because the Board appointed him to PR Director Area 5 is now vacant and we are looking to fill the position. If any member is interested in representing Area 5 please send an interest statement to

Be sure to keep a look out for future announcements because NNALSA has some wonderful events and opportunities coming up! Events such as the National Moot Court Competition at the University of Arizona, and “Fed-Bar” where the new future board members of NNALSA will be elected and where the best 1L, 2L, 3L, and Chapter of the Year awards will be given. I hope everyone is excited about the future of NNALSA, and the positive future we are trying to achieve for Indian Country.

Nelson Lambert

J.D. Candidate, 2016

Charlotte School of Law

National NALSA Public Relations Director

National NALSA is Recruiting Judges for the 2015 Moot Court Competition

Here is the recruitment letter:

Letter to Recruit Juges for Moot Court

UPDATE — Also an email from the NNALSA board:

Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

The NALSA Chapter at the University of Arizona College of Law was chosen to host the 2015 National NALSA Moot Court Competition in Tucson, AZ on March 6-7, 2015.


The competition is expected to draw roughly 50-60 teams from law schools across the country. As both the President of the UofA NALSA Chapter and the Vice-President of National NALSA, I’m tasked with organizing and planning this competition. I am seeking attorneys from both inside and outside the Arizona legal community to serve as either brief judges or oral argument judges. Attached is a letter from me detailing the tasks of a brief and oral argument judge and a form is included for those interested in participating.


Please consider participating in the National NALSA Moot court competition. For more information on the competition (the moot court problem), see:


The problem centers on Indian law, particularly a tribe’s civil jurisdiction. Please note that you don’t need a background in Indian law to judge because we, the host school, will provide a bench brief that will explain the issues, provide the relevant law, and provide arguments for both sides. This is a great opportunity to watch and help law students hone their advocacy and legal writing skills.


2015 NNALSA Moot Court Problem Released

For Immediate Release

October 31, 2014


Alex Kitson, NNALSA Public Relations Director

Moot Court Press Release

The National Native American Law Students Association is pleased to announce the release of the 2015 National Native American Law Students Association Moot Court Competition Problem. The problem and additional information about the competition can be found at

The 23rd Annual NNALSA Moot Court Competition will be held on March 6-7, 2015, at The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law campus in Tucson, Arizona.


NNALSA Website Login Information

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2014
Alex Kitson, NNALSA Public Relations Director

NNALSA Website Now Allows Members and Employers to Create a Private Login

As part of our redesign, the National NALSA website now allows members and employers to create a private login.  This easy to use feature will allow National NALSA to connect and share information with students, alumni, and employers. However, since there has been a rise in hacker attacks to our website you can only create a login after you receive an invitation code.

Once NNALSA members pay their membership dues they will be sent an email with an invitation code to create a login. The login will be used to share information regarding the 2015 NNALSA Writing and Moot Court Competitions.

Employers interested in creating a login should email Aarik Robertson for the invitation code Employers will be able to use their login to post job openings and download the NNALSA Resume Book when it becomes available.

To create your login after you receive the invitation code, visit the National NALSA website at and click Register in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


National NALSA Resume Book Announcement

Last day to send in resumes

Here (PDF):

Dear NNALSA Membership,

Today we are proud to announce the return of the NNALSA Resume Book!!!
Potential employers throughout Indian country will have access to this resume book.
Take this opportunity to catch the eye of a future employer in tribal or non-tribal
government, private firms or non-profits from various areas of the country.

All resumes will be due no later than September 15, 2014. Please submit your
completed resume in PDF format to Resumes must be no
longer than one page. The resume book will then be sent out to all participating
prospective employers, who will then follow up for individual interviews on their own

You must pay your annual dues for us to include your resume. Additionally, all
resumes will be screened, and any deemed inappropriate for submission (spelling and
grammatical errors, etc.) will be returned for edits.

Lastly, if you receive or accept any offers resulting from the resume book, please let
us know! We’d love to celebrate your success with you, and sharing that information
with us will help the Board in planning for next year’s career activities for our

Enjoy the last part of your summer, and we look forward to another productive year
with you!



Update from National NALSA Executive Board — Career Fair and Newsletter


National NALSA Newsletter Fall 2013-Final

Career Fair Release

From the release:

The National Native American Law Students Association (NNALSA) is pleased to announce the 2014 NNALSA Career Fair! The event will take place Saturday, March 1st during the National Moot Court Competition at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in Norman, Oklahoma. We have limited space available and the registration deadline will be January 3rd. Costs will be $250 for private organizations and $100 for non-profit organizations.

This is a great opportunity to connect and network with future Indian Law practitioners!  Please contact NNALSA’s Liaison Jeffrey Cormell with any questions or to express an interest in participating. We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Career Fair!

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Fletcher on Becoming an American Indian Law Professor

I just posted on SSRN a short paper I prepared for the National Native Law Students Association annual meeting career panel last month at the Pojoaque Pueblo: “On Becoming an American Indian Law Professor.” Here is the abstract:

There are only a few dozen American Indians who are enrolled tribal members who are tenure system law professors in American law schools. In fact, in our quick review of the American Association of Law Schools roster of teachers who list themselves as Native American Law instructors, we found fewer than 30 tribal members who are currently tenure system law professors. We study this group, as well as a few known tribal members who have either retired or left the academy for loftier pursuits, for purposes of identifying the profiles of tribally enrolled American Indians on the tenure track in American law schools. The object of this short paper is to advise American Indian law students and others on how to become an American Indian law professor.

I wrote this before all the Elizabeth Warren stuff came out. There’s more to say about that, I suppose, but that’s for another time.

National NALSA Election Results

The new National NALSA board is:



Shawn Watts

Columbia Law School


Vice President

James Simermeyer

University of New Mexico School of Law



Christina Snider

UCLA School of Law



Caitlin Smith

Columbia Law School


American Bar Association Liaison

Jenny Patten

Columbia Law School


Public Relations Director

Precious Benally

Columbia Law School

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National NALSA Announces 2010 Writing Competition

Here is the flyer — Writing Competition Announcement 2009

Deadline is Dec. 18….

9th Annual National Native American Law Students Association


Hosted by the University of Arizona NALSA Chapter

Topic: Advanced topics in Tribal, Indian, or Indigenous law or policy

1st place $2000

2nd place $1000

3rd place $500

The winning article will be published in the Arizona Journal of International & Comparative Law

Papers covering any of the following are eligible:
• Tribal law and policy
• International law and policy concerning indigenous peoples
• Comparative law (i.e. intertribal or government-to-government studies)
Papers will be judged on criteria including: originality, timeliness of topic, quality and creativity of analysis, knowledge and use of relevant law, grammar, punctuation, and citation style.