Patent Trial and Appeal Board Issues Three Decisions in Disputes between Microsoft and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe


IPR2018-01594 FD

IPR2018-01601 Final Written Decision

IPR2018-01605 Final Written Decision

Briefs in one of the cases:

IPR2018-01594 – POs Preliminary Response

IPR2018-01594 Reply to Patent Owner_s Preliminary Response 2.28.19 FINAL

IPR2018-01594 – Patent Owners Sur-Reply

St. Regis Mohawk v. Mylan Pharma Cert Petition



Question presented:

Whether inter partes review before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is the type of proceeding in which tribal sovereign immunity may be asserted.

Lower court materials here.


Mylan BIO

St. Regis Reply

Patent Trial and Appeal Board Amicus Briefs on Tribal Immunity Issue

Here are the amici curiae in the matter of Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. et al v. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe et al:

For Movants:

In Opposition:

Link: Case archive

Law Scholars Brief in Support of St. Regis Mohawk Patent

Here is the brief from Lawrence Tribe, William Eskridge, Erwin Chemerinsky, Joe Singer, and David Orozco:

Brief of Amici Scholars iso of Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

Patent Trial and Appeal Board OK Amicus Briefs on Tribal Immunity Issue

Here is the order in Mylan Pharmaceuticals v. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe:

IPR2016-01127 – Order on Amicus Briefs and Schedule (1)

St. Regis Mohawk Brief in Patent Litigation

Here is the brief in the matter captioned Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. Allergan Inc.: