Most Vern Traversie Civil Rights/Hate Crimes Claims against Rapid City Regional Hospital Survive Summary Judgment Stage

Here are the materials in Traversie v. Rapid City Regional Hospital Inc. (D. S.D.):

38 Regional Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment

39 Brief in Support of Regional Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment

53 Plaintiff’s Response to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment

60 Regional Defendants’ Reply Brief in Support of Their Motion for Summary Judgment

63 Order

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Tenth Circuit Affirms Immunity of Santa Ana Pueblo Officials in Section 1985 Suit

The opinion in Burrell v. Armijo is here.

Here are the briefs:

Armijo Opening Brief

Burrell Brief

Montoya Answer Brief

Armijo Reply

Congrats to Richard Hughes.

Jeanlouis v. Vidallia — WD La. Rejects Section 1985 Claim against Tribal Police

The Western District of Louisiana dismissed a Section 1985 claim against tribal police in Jeanlouis v. Vidallia. Here are the materials: