Louisiana Federal Court Dismisses Civil Rights Suit against Chitimacha by Former Casino CFO

Here are the materials in Spivey v. Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana (W.D. La.):

1 Complaint

16-1 Motion to Dismiss

20 Opposition

23 Reply

24 Magistrate Report

27 DCT Order

St. Mary and Franklin Banner Tribune, 2/18/2016
Morgan City Daily Review, 10/6/2016

Fifth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Claim that Tribe “Stole” Jackpot

Here are the materials in Dotson v. Tuniuca-Biloxi Gaming Commission:

Per Curiam Opinion

Dotson Brief

Tribe Brief

Selected lower court materials in Dotson v. Tuniuca-Biloxi Gaming Commission (W.D. La.) here:

52-1 Motion to Dismiss

77 Magistrate Report

81 DCT Order

Disenrollee Suit to Recover Children’s Trust Funds

Here is the complaint in Rash v. Jeff Davis Bancshares Inc. (W.D. La.):


An excerpt:

Defendant, Jeff Davis Bancshares, Inc., d/b/a under the tradename Jeff Davis Bank and Trust Company (“Jeff Davis Bank”) accepted in 2000 and 2001 the trusteeship over substantial funds placed in trust by the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana (the “Coushatta Tribe”) for the benefit of certain minor children, to be held in trust until such then-minor beneficiaries attained the age of twenty-one (21) years. Each trust is an irrevocable trust with the Coushatta Tribe as Settlor and one child, who was a minor at the time the trust was established, as the sole income and principal beneficiary (the “Beneficiary”) of said trust, which trust bears the name of said Beneficiary (each a “Children’s Trust” and collectively the “Children’s Trusts”). At the time each Children’s Trust was established and Jeff Davis Bank accepted the trusteeship, the minor child Beneficiaries were legally members of the Coushatta Tribe,

Jeanlouis v. Vidallia — WD La. Rejects Section 1985 Claim against Tribal Police

The Western District of Louisiana dismissed a Section 1985 claim against tribal police in Jeanlouis v. Vidallia. Here are the materials: