Suit on Tribal Casinos and State Liquor Licenses

From the Chicago Tribune:

A Michigan Gaming Control Board employee says Indian casinos should be forced to get liquor licenses.

Patrick Devlin said he filed a lawsuit this week to try and force Attorney General Mike Cox to require tribal casinos to comply with liquor control laws. Devlin said that not requiring tribes to spend the time and money needed to get licenses gives them a competitive advantage over Detroit casinos required to have licenses.

He said he also is concerned about liability issues.

A Cox spokesman said the lawsuit will be reviewed once it’s received.

Devlin said he is suing as an individual, not on behalf of the gaming board.

Tribes are considered sovereign nations and aren’t covered by some state laws. Devlin said liquor sales should be an exception.

And from the Detroit News:

Rusty Hills, a spokesman for Cox, said: “Compacts (on Indian casinos) are negotiated between tribes and the governor’s office. If Mr. Devlin has a beef he needs to bring it to the attention of the governor. As a lawyer and former member of the attorney general’s office he ought to know better.”

Excellent point….