Ninth Circuit Dismisses Wandering Medicine Voting Rights Appeal as Moot

Here is the unpublished order:

Wandering Medicine Mem Dispo

An excerpt:

Because we conclude that the scope of the preliminary injunction only included the 2012 election, this court can no longer provide plaintiffs with the relief requested—requiring defendants to open satellite offices in time for that election. Although plaintiffs’ complaint requested “preliminary and permanent injunctive relief . . . for the 2012 primary election and . . . for all future elections,” plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction included no such language, and the evidence presented to the district court focused almost exclusively on the 2012 election. As that election has passed, there is no longer any relief that this court can provide with respect to that election.

Briefs and other materials here.

Ninth Circuit Materials in Wandering Medicine v. McCulloch — Voting Rights Case

Here are the briefs:

Wandering Medicine Opening Brief

NCAI Amicus Brief

US Amicus Brief

County Appellees’ Brief

Wandering Medicine Reply

Oral argument audio here.

Materials on the appellees’ motion to dismiss here.

Lower court materials here and here.

The Hill: Indian Voting Rights Case Could Decide Control of Senate in 2015


An excerpt:

Carole Goldberg, a professor and vice chancellor at UCLA’s School of Law who has dealt extensively with Native American legal rights, said discrimination is widespread in many states with Native populations.

“There are persistent patterns where states have criminal jurisdiction on reservations and the counties that exercise this jurisdiction locate their facilities and services in a place convenient for the non-Native population and not the Native populations,” said Goldberg, who has donated to multiple Democratic candidates.

Update in Wandering Medicine v. McCulloch — Ninth Circuit Materials (so far) in Montana Voting Rights Case


Appellants Opposition to Motion

Appellees Motion to Dismiss Appeal

CA9 Order on Motion to Dismiss

News coverage here.

Lower court materials here.

Updated Materials in Wandering Medicine Voting Rights Case

We posted the complaint and brief in support of a preliminary injunction here. Judge Cebull denied the motion (news coverage here).

Updated materials:

McCulloch Response

Rosebud County Response

Wandering Medicine Reply

DCT Order Denying PI

Montana Voting Rights Suit — Wandering Medicine v. MuCulloch

Here are the materials:

Wandering Medicine Complaint

Wandering Medicine Motion for PI

News coverage here and below: Continue reading