New York Appellate Division Refuses to Disturb Injunction in Chukchansi Leadership Dispute

Here is the opinion in Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Chukchansi Economic Development
Authority (N.Y. A.D.):

Wells Fargo v Chukchansi

An excerpt:

Appellants contend that defendants-respondents Nancy Ayala, Karen Wynn, Charles Sargosa, and Tracy Brechbuehl (the Ayala faction or the individual Ayala defendants) do not enjoy sovereign immunity because their actions were illegal and not performed in an official capacity. However, to decide whether the Ayala faction’s actions were illegal, a court would have to determine whether the Ayala faction was the legitimate Tribal Council; this it may not do (see Sac & Fox, 340 F3d at 767).


Wells Fargo Brief

Chukchansi Brief (Marsten)

Chukchansi Brief (Rosette)

Lower court materials here, here, and here.

Update in Wells Fargo v. Chukchansi

News coverage here.

The order referenced in the article is here:

353 SCT Order Dismissing Counterclaim against Wells Fargo

And materials:

166 Ayala Opposition

270 Wells Fargo Motion

342 Ayala Reply

Update in Wells Fargo v. Chukchansi — Payments Not Being Made; Referree Appointed

Here are updated materials in Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Chukchansi Economic Development Authority (N.Y. Sup.):

298 Affidavit in Support of Order to Show Cause

299 Exhibit A

300 Exhibit B

301 Exhibit C

302 Exhibit D

303 Exhibit E

304 Ayala Faction Response

305 Affidavit in Support of Order to Show Cause

306 Exhibit A

307 Exhibit B

308 Exhibit C

309 Exhibit D

317 Wells Fargo Letter re Interest Payment

318 Amended Order

319 Order

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