IHS Changes Venue in Wrongful Death Suit from Western Division to Northern Division of District of South Dakota

Here are the materials in Archambault v. United States (D. S.D.):

Archambault Redacted Complaint

DCT Order Granting US Motion to Change Venue

Attorneys for Miccosukee Tribe Seek to Disqualify Judge

If this story (from last week) didn’t present enough ethical issues, there are more discussed in the Miami Herald here.  The article begins:

A Miami lawyer accused of lying about whether the Miccosukee Tribe paid him millions in defense fees is trying to remove the judge on the case, saying a comment the jurist made about both sides passing “the peace pipe’’ shows he is biased.

UPDATE: The paper also published a transcript of the initial hearing (not the “peace pipe” hearing) here.

Young v. Duenas: Wrongful Death Action against Puyallup Tribal Police in Wash. Appellate Court

Here the materials so far in this pending case:

Young Appellant Brief

Duenas Response Brief

Isadore Response Brief