Update in Koniag v. Kanam — Some Evidence that “Karluk Tribal Court” Isn’t a Real Tribal Court At All

You may recall our posting on the recent complaint in Koniag, Inc. v. Kanam (and the Karluk Tribal Court). There is some evidence that the “Karluk Tribal Court” is not attached to a federally recognized tribe, and may be a total fraud.

Here are some additional materials in the ongoing federal suit:

Koniag Motion for TRO

Karluk Tribal Court Materials [Note the location of the tribal court — it’s in Washington state, a thousand miles from the Native village on Kodiak Island]

First Amended Complaint

Here is an order issued by the “Karluk Tribal Court” purporting to declare a Washington state court ICWA proceeding invalid:

In re Baldwin

Here is a suit filed by the defendant in the initial case attempting to intervene in an ICWA case captioned Kanum v. Downs (W.D. Wash.):

Kanam v Downs

And here is an odd notice from the minutes of a Gilpin County, Colo. Board of Commissioners meeting trying to figure out what to do with a judgment from the Karluk Tribal Court attached to the “Kikiallus Indian Nation”:


More recently from the Gilpin County News (in fact, today):

County Attorney Jim Petrock informed Commissioners that a “Notice of Filing of Foreign Judgment” had been received at Gilpin County District Court. The Karluk Tribal Court, (with an address of Olympia, WA), on behalf of the native village of Karluk, ruled in favor of the Kikallus Indian Nation in their case against Gilpin County and issued a permit to “Kikiallus Indian Nation and it’s contractor Brannon Sand and Gravel to mine gravel and minerals from the land known as 2982 Robinson Rd, Golden CO.” The land in question, now in foreclosure, is that of Phil Wolf. Petrock said the Karluk is a tribe in Alaska but according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (in Alaska) the tribe has no jurisdiction beyond their village. Washington does not have state-recognized tribes and the Kikallus, though listed on the Washington State Tribal Directory (at their request) are landless and not a federally recognized tribe. Petrock said no one was able to account for how the Karluk could have jurisdiction for the Kikallus. Even so, because the notice has been filed in Gilpin District Court, the County will file a motion to have it dismissed, incurring further cost at the taxpayer’s expense, for this latest in the long litigation history associated with this property.

10 thoughts on “Update in Koniag v. Kanam — Some Evidence that “Karluk Tribal Court” Isn’t a Real Tribal Court At All

  1. aet1 April 16, 2012 / 4:51 pm

    Hmmm–Kikiallus is one of the member tribes of Swinomish, not that that sheds any light on this (and not to imply that Swinomish is involved in this in any way).

  2. MikeG April 16, 2012 / 5:09 pm

    Kurt Kanam – formerly Kurt Weinreich – has been filing pro se lawsusits against Washington State for years. Only recently, after being adopted by a descendant of a signatory to the Treaty of Point Elliot (Robert Posenjak) has he started filing lawsuits in the Karluk Court in Toledo Washington. Mr. Kanam has no Washington Bar membership and does not appear to have any formal legal training as far as we can tell. Orbie Mullins is an aquaintance of Mr. Kanam and was appointed as judge of the Karluk Court by Mr. Kanam acting as Karluk “court administrator.” Interestingly, the unrecognized Snoqualmoo Tribe, under which Mr. Kanam claims Indian status through adoption by a Snoqualmoo descendant (Posenjak), has no connection to an Alaskan native village and claims a connection to a tribe of Indian people here in Washington at the time of the Treaty of Point Ellliott. After attempting to intervene in US v. Washington to establish treaty fishing rights for the Snoqualmoo (and/or Kikiallus tribe) via a show cause order issued by the Karluk Court (with Mr. Kanam acting as both plaintiff/representative of the Snoqualmoo and, simultaneoulsy, Karluk court administrator), we were contacted by both the Karluk village president and the Karluk native village attorney in Anchorage, denying that Mr. Kanam or the Karluk court have any affiliation with the native village of Karluk.

  3. Talking stick June 21, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    This sounds like the work of Luis Ewing, wannabe lawyer, racist and fraud. Just google the name.

  4. Ben and Daisy June 24, 2013 / 11:55 am

    It’s no wonder we could not get anyone! We lost our grandson to the state of Alaska in 2008. Mr. kanam an mr. mullins along with the karluk court said they would assist us in getting him back. What is happening? Mom and dad without grandson, and now, all our children are taken.

  5. Scott October 28, 2013 / 12:47 pm

    Kurt R Riggin, former Wa resident now resides in colorado. He and Luis Ewing are fake wannabes. Claime to be tribal lawyers froma non-recognized tribe.

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