Ninth Circuit Dismisses Appeal of Fake Indians and Fake Indian Court

Here are the materials in Koniag Inc v. Kanam:

Unpublished CA9 Memorandum

3 Order to Show Cause

5 Kanam Response

6 Koniag Response

8 Order Setting Briefing Schedule

9-1 Koniag Motion for Reconsideration

10 Kanam Opening “Breif”

13 Order Denying Motion

19-1 Koniag Answer Brief

26-1 Kanam Reply

Lower court materials here, here, here, and here.

Oklahoma Company Sues Kurt Kanam/Kurt Weinreich (Fake Indian “Judge”)

Here are the materials in Unit Corp. v. TMI Ministries (W.D. Okla.):

1 Complaint + Exhibits

5 Motion for TRO + Exhibits

8 DCT Order Granting TRO

News coverage here.

We’ve posted about the Kurt Kanam frauds here, here and here.

Federal Court Enjoins Actions of Fake Tribal Court Harassing Native Village Corporation

Here are the materials in Koniag, Inc. v. Kanam (D. Alaska):

DCT Order Granting PI

Koniag Motion for PI

Kanam Opposition

Koniag Reply

We posted previously on this case here, here, and here.

More Materials on Koniag v. Kanum

Here is a complaint filed by Kurt Kanam against the parties in United States v. Washington in the “Karluk Tribal Court” from last fall:

Kanam v All Fish Case Parties, Complaint 11-19-2011

Update in Koniag v. Kanam — Some Evidence that “Karluk Tribal Court” Isn’t a Real Tribal Court At All

You may recall our posting on the recent complaint in Koniag, Inc. v. Kanam (and the Karluk Tribal Court). There is some evidence that the “Karluk Tribal Court” is not attached to a federally recognized tribe, and may be a total fraud.

Here are some additional materials in the ongoing federal suit:

Koniag Motion for TRO

Karluk Tribal Court Materials [Note the location of the tribal court — it’s in Washington state, a thousand miles from the Native village on Kodiak Island]

First Amended Complaint

Here is an order issued by the “Karluk Tribal Court” purporting to declare a Washington state court ICWA proceeding invalid: Continue reading