Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Background Materials

In anticipation of the briefing of Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, the Supreme Court’s next foray in tribal civil jurisdiction, we provide some background materials on the cases and tribal civil jurisdiction in general.

Merits Briefs

Dollar General Brief

No. 13-1496 Joint Appendix 8-31-15

Brief for Respondents

Dollar General Reply Brief

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Petitioner

13-1496 tsac Oklahoma et al Amicus Brief

13-1496 tsac SD Bankers Assn Amicus

13-1496tsac Association Of American Railroads Amicus

13-1496tsac Retail Litigation Center Inc. Amicus

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Respondent


ACLU Amicus Brief 


13-1496 Amici Brief States

13-1496 bsac Historians and Legal Scholars



13-1496 bsac Cherokee Nation et al

Miscellaneous Materials

Dollar General Corp v MI Band of Choctaw Indians_HALE


Mississippi Choctaw Supreme Court Opinion

CA5 Panel Opinion

CA5 Amended Opinion

CA5 Order Denying En Banc Petition

Cert stage briefs

Dollar General Cert Petition

Mississippi Choctaw Cert Opposition

Dollar General Reply

Mississippi Choctaw Supplemental Brief

SG Invitation Brief

Dollar General Response to SG Brief

Fifth Circuit panel materials

Dolgen Opening Brief

Tribal Appellee Brief

Dolgencorp Reply Brief

Fifth Circuit en banc materials

DOLGENCORP En Banc Petition

Tribal Response

Federal District Court summary judgment materials

Dollar General Motion for Summary J

Mississippi Band Opposition

Memorandum Opinion and Order

Federal District Court TRO materials


Miss Band Choctaw SCT Opinion





Law review articles on the Dollar General case

Harvard Law Review Comment, Dolgencorp, Inc. v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Fifth Circuit Disclaims Independent Obligation to Ensure that Tribal Courts Have Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Disputes Involving Nonmembers

Recent law review articles on tribal civil jurisdiction and tribal courts

Berger, Justice and the Outsider Jurisdiction over Nonmembers in Tribal Legal Systems

Carlson, Jurisdiction and Human Rights Accountability in Indian Country

Christensen, Creating Bright-Line Rules for Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Non-Indians The Case of Trespass to Real Property

Fletcher, A Unifying Theory of Tribal Civil Jurisdiction

Fletcher, Indian Courts and Fundamental Fairness Indian Courts and the Future Revisited

Fletcher, Tribal Justice Systems

Florey, Beyond Uniqueness Reimagining Tribal Courts Jurisdiction

Krakoff, Tribal Civil Judicial Jurisdiction over Nonmembers A Practical Guide for Judges

Miller,The Shrinking Sovereign-Tribal Adjudicatory Jurisdiction Over Nonmembers In Civil Cases

Nesper, Ordering Legal Plurality Allocating Jurisdiction in State

O’Connor, Lessons from the Third Sovereign Indian Tribal Courts

Schlosser, Tribal Civil Jurisdiction over Nonmembers

Sixkiller, Procedural Fairness Ensuring Tribal Civil Jurisdiction After Plains Commerce Bank

Skibine, Constitutionalism, Federal Common Law, and the Inherent Powers of Indian Tribes,

Tinker, In Search of a Civil Solution Tribal Authority to Regulate NonMembers