Ninth Circuit Decides QTA Case; Holds FTCA May Apply

The Ninth Circuit recently decided Robinson v. United States (Robinson v US CA9 Opinion), where the court held that the Quiet Title Act does not foreclose litigation over an easement running across Indian trust lands.

Here are the materials:

Robinson Opening Brief

US Answering Brief

Robinson Reply Brief

Allen v. Mayhew — Complaint against Tribal Officials and Individuals

Once again, the Eastern District of California has refused to dismiss a Section 1981 complaint against tribal gaming employees of the Gold Country Casino, owned by the Berry Creek Rancheria of Tyme Maidu Indians. Here is the opinion — feb-20-2009-dct-order

Here is our earlier post, with the earlier order.

Allen v. Mayhew – Section 1981 Claims Against Tribal Individuals

The E.D. Cal. refused to dismiss the Section 1981 claims against tribal casino employees on the grounds of sovereign immunity in Allen v. Mayhew. The underlying claim involves the plaintiff’s termination from employment with the tribal casino.

Here are the materials:

Mayhew Motion to Dismiss

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