Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Affirms Immunity of Lucky Star Casino and Amerind Risk

Here are the materials in Tasso v. Lucky Star Casino:

News Profile of Tribal Marriage Equality Initiatives

Here is “These Native-American Tribes Are Pioneering Marriage Equality:The Puyallup Tribe is the latest to join a growing list of Native-American tribes legalizing same-sex marriage, many in states that have banned it.”

Unpublished California ICWA Case on Customary Adoption in State Court


In sum, because the Tribe never identified tribal customary adoption as an option, because the Tribe was involved in the selection of the appropriate permanent plan for the child, and because the record shows that the Tribe was aware of tribal customary adoption at the time of the selection and implementation hearing, the father has failed to show “a reasonable probability that compliance with the procedural requirements of tribal customary adoption would have resulted in an outcome more favorable to him.” (G.C., supra, 216 Cal.App.4th at p. 1401.)