Thurston County Response to Chehalis Request for Judicial Notice of Federal Leasing Regs


Thurtson County Response to Motion for Judicial Notice

The motion is here.

Chehalis Asks Ninth Circuit to Take Judicial Notice of New Interior Regulations re: Taxability of Trust Land Improvements

Here is the motion in Confederated Chehalis Tribes v. Thurston County Board of Equalization:

Chehalis Motion to Take Judicial Notice

The federal regs are here. 25 CFR 162.017 reads:

Subject only to applicable Federal law, permanent improvements on the leased land, without regard to ownership of those improvements, are not subject to any fee, tax, assessment, levy or other charge imposed by any State or political subdivision of a  State. Improvements may be subject to taxation by the Indian tribe with jurisdiction.

Briefs are here. Lower court materials here.

Federal Court Dismisses Stalker’s Habeas Petition against Chehalis; Notes that Petition Could Have Merit, However

Here are the materials in Youckton v. Stinson (W.D. Wash.):

Youckton Habeas Petition

Chehalis Motion to Dismiss

DCT Order Dismissing Stouckton Petition

An excerpt:

Youckton makes the following argument to support his double jeopardy claim: (1) Youckton committed domestic violence under Chehalis Tribal Code (“CTC”) § 15.03.02; (2) domestic violence is defined under CTC §15.03.01, which sets out five possible ways to commit domestic violence; (3) the only way Youckton’s case fits into the domestic violence definition is under the fifth way, stalking; (4) stalking is defined by CTC § 15.04.01, which envisions “repeated” contact; (5) Youckton’s multiple texts/phone calls should be considered “repeated” contact for purposes of sentencing, which would require sentencing him for this conduct as one unit of offense; therefore (6) sentencing him for 205 separate violations rather than as one unit of crime may constitute double jeopardy.

Confederated Chehalis Tribes v. Thurston County Update

Chehalis has filed a motion for summary judgment against Thurston County on the question of whether the county may tax the non-Indian-owned portion of a Great Wolf Lodge located on tribal trust lands. The Western District of Washington previously denied the Tribe’s motion for a preliminary injunction (materials here). Here is the news coverage of the instant motion (Indianz and local).

And here are the briefs for the summary judgment motion:





County Taxation of Mixed-Ownership Tribal Enterprise

The Western District of Washington denied a motion for a preliminary injunction brought by the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation to prevent Thurston County, Washington from taxing a business (a Great Wolf Lodge) jointly owned by a non-native corporation and the tribes.