Maryland Federal Court Dismisses RICO Action against MHA Nation Officials

Here are the materials in Manago v. Cane Bay Partners VI LLLP (D. Md.):

90 Motion to Dismiss — Personal Jurisdiction

90-1 Memorandum

91 Motion to Dismiss — 12b6

91-1 Memorandum

99 Response to 91

100 Response to 90

103 Reply in Support of 90

104 Reply in Support of 91

106-1 LCO Complaint

111 DCT Order

Former MHA Nation chairs . . . .

Maryland Federal Court Partially Dismisses, Abstains from Resolving Case Involving Accohannock Indian Tribe

Here are the materials in Accohannock Indian Tribe v. Tyler (D. Md.):

Federal Suit against MHA Nation-Affiliated Lending Business Stayed Pending Fourth Circuit Decision in Hengle v. Treppa

Here are the materials in Manago v. Cane Bay Partners VII LLLP (D. Md.):

40 Amended Complaint

73-1 Motion to Stay

76 Opposition

82 DCT Order Granting Motion for Stay

The briefs in Hengle v. Treppa are here.

Federal Court Vacates Default Judgment in Penobscot Business-Related Defamation Suit

Here are the materials in Russell v. Krowne (D. Md.):

DCT Order Vacating Default Judgment

Penoscot Indian Nation Motion for Default Judgment

Defendant Motion to Vacate

Penobscot Response to Motion to Vacate

Defendant Reply

Strange case; seems to involve a program created by Penobscot called Grant America Program, which is  home buyer down payment program, and the defendants’ website, which published internet posts calling the program a “scam.” The Nation and its allies claim defamation, and the defendants call the suit a SLAPP suit.


Western Sky Financial Effort to Litigate Maryland Consumer Investigation in Federal Court Fails

Here are the materials in Western Sky Financial LLC v. Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation (D. Md.):

DCT Order Remanding Case to State Court

Maryland CFR Motion to Dismiss

Western Sky Opposition

Maryland CFR Reply

Here is our post on the state court case, ongoing.

Maryland Agency Wins Bid to Review Actions of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation-Based Payday Lender

Here are the materials is Maryland Com’r of Financial Regulation v. Western Sky Financial LLC (D. Md.):

DCT Order Granting Remand to Agency

Western Sky Motion to Dismiss

MCFR Motion to Remand

MCFR Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

Western Sky Opposition to Motion for Remand

MCFR Reply

Western Sky Reply