Hoopa Valley Tribe Loses Claim to Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Funds

Here is the Federal Circuit’s opinion in Hoopa Valley Tribe v. United States.


Hoopa Opening Brief

US Response Brief

Yurok Response Brief

Hoopa Reply Brief

Lower court materials are here.

Hoopa Loses Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act Claim

Here is the opinion in Hoopa Valley Tribe v. United States (hoopa-v-us-dct-order). Classic prisoner’s dilemma case. Hoopa, Yurok, and Karuk had been compressed together by the United States in the 19th century, and have been disputing the resources of the Hoopa Valley “square” for decades. Congress settled the thing in 1988, splitting the resources, on the condition that each party would waive the right to continue to sue. Hoopa waived its rights and received its share. Yurok did not, and sued, and lost. But it looks like they still get the money. Odd case.